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5 Ways to Secure and Protect Your Pc

Laptop/Pc users should know the importance of their laptop or pc.It is an essential tool everybody must have.So you must handle it with care.Today,i am going to share with you on how to secure your laptop safely.

Use a Strong Password:Use strong password on pc/laptop to secure the network.Laptop users tends to avoid using password for their laptops which might cause door for hacker to  take control of your pc when you connect to internet.Any intruder can take control of your system when you connect to a network. Always try to use a complex password using Alphabet, numeric and special characters.

Use Encryption. Encrypt the data on the laptop so that it cannot be read without the correct key. The encryption should take place on the hard disk in case the hard disk is removed and installed in a different device.

Backing up your files is important:It is important to  back-up your files in order to avoid loss of data.You can use  external hard disk to back it up or store it online using skydrive.

Use security chips. Purchase laptops with embedded security chips that permanently assign unique identifiers to every computer and cannot be changed. When the laptop is booted, the user must log in using a PIN number or, preferably, a more secure system such as a fingerprint reader.

Updated Anti-virus Sotware:Always update your anti-virus software to block and monitor virus,malware that wants to corrupts  your files,etc.

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  1. Hi, i want to ask pls, how do you then store your files online on Skydrive? I really don’t get it!

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