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7 Cool Uses Of Usb Drive

Moving files to usb drive is the normal thing people use usb drive to do.There are other uses of usb drive which you have never heard before.Today,i am going to share with you 7 cool uses of usb drive.

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  1. Locking Your Pc With Usb Drive:This is done by locking your pc with predator software.When connected to the pc,your pc will unlock and it start working. Whenever it is  removed,your pc is locked down — the keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen darkens.  To download Predator.

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  1. Use it as an MP3 player:If you don’t have an mp3 player and you want to listen to music when at office,You can use your usb flash drive as your mp3 player. Just copy your MP3 files to your USB flash drive,then plug it into your pc, and configure Windows Media Player to build a library of the songs on your drive. You can use all of Windows Media Player’s playback features, such as playlists and favorites, to easily customize your music listening experience.
  2. Boost performance With ReadyBoost: You can increase the speed of your pc with ReadyBoost.ReadyBoost uses the space remaining in your usb drive as an extra ram.Just insert usb drive to your system either windows vista or windows 7.
  3. Run different operating system:You can use your usb drive to boot either Windows or Linux
  4. Run Portable Apps:PortableApps is a Windows launcher that can run entirely from your USB drive. What this means is that you can carry a suite of all your favorite applications like Firefox, Chrome, VLC Media Player, Foxit Reader, 7-Zip and more, all on the drive. Plug it into any remote computer and you’ll have all your favorite applications with you. All you have to do is head to the website and download the PortableApps program. There are even pre-selected app bundles available for download
  5. Computer maintenance & troubleshooting:A USB drive can play host to various applications that can help fix, maintain or troubleshoot a computer in need. First, you can start with Trend Micro’s HouseCall or Kaspersky’s virus removal tool. Glary Utilities can be run to do a complete maintenance check (registry clean, removal of temporary files, manage startup programs). Finally, Ultimate Defrag can be used organise the files for better speed and reliability.Get all the apps from pendriveapps
  6. Password-protect it:If you have file that you want don’t any person to see it even if you loss the usb drive.It can be done by using Rohos Mini Drive to protect that data. It allows you to create a secret partition on the drive and then password-protect/encrypt that partition, thus protecting any documents you copy to that partition via the utility’s file manager. You can download Rohos Mini Drive.

These are 7 cool uses of usb which you might not know

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  1. Wow,I have never heard of this uses with usb drives,thanks for sharing these great tips..

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