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7 Tools To Check The Speed Of Your Website

The speed of website is one of the factor that is considered when building your website because it has big impact on seo. Today,i am going to share with you 7 free and simple tools that can help you suggest how to make your site fast and information about the speed of your website.

  • Load Impact:Load impact is a cool tool to use in checking the speed of your website.
  • Which Load Fast :It is used to check the pages of your website that loads faster.
  • Redbot : is simple and easy to use. You’ll need a bit more native understanding to execute on some of their suggestions though.
  • Pingdom :It help you analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster.It is very easy and simple to use.
  • GT Metrix :I am using this site personally to analyzes your page’s speed performance and gives score of your site.
  • PageSpeed Insights :PageSpeed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.
  • Compression Check :Check if you’ve got compression switched on to speed up your site.

I hope these tools helps in checking the speed of a your website.

If you still have other tools you have used .pls drop it on the comment box.

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