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7 Ways To Increase Your CPC In Google Adsense And Maximise Your Earnings

Are you experiencing  low cpc(cost per click) from blog or website? and it worries you a lot.Today I am going to show you 7 ways to increase Google Adsense  cpc in order to maximize your earnings.

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First of all,what is CPC? CPC means Cost Per Click,if you get 5 clicks with cpc of  $0.20 then you have (5 x 0.20 = $1), So try to get clicks with high CPC  E.g if you get only 15 clicks with high CPC that is $0.70 then you earn (15 x $0.70) = $10.5..Did you get it?

7 Ways To Increase Your CPC In Google Adsense And Maximize Your  Earnings

  1. Try To Target High paying Keywords:It is keywords that determines cpc.So high paying keywords attracts high cpc while low paying keywords attracts low cpc.You can look  for the high paying keywords. on websites.To look for high paying keywords visit- Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Spyfu.
  2. Ads Placements For More Click:Ads placement is very important in increasing your cpc.To achieve higher cpc,place 2 ads inside your post and then 1 ad outside the post to maximize clicks.The best ads placements that works for me and ha increased my cpc is placing 336×280 ads on top of your post and place 468×60 below post and skye scraper(160×600) at the sidebar.
  3. Low Paying Ads Should Be Filtered Out:Try to avoid low paying ads.Low paying ads generates low earnings.so you have filter it out,so how can you filter it out? You have to get the list of MFA sites and then login to your adsense account,navigate to “Allow And Block Ads” tab and you will see ‘advertisers url’,then click the edit button and paste the list of MFA sites that you want to block and push ‘block url’ button.Now that you have blocked the urls,your cpc will definitely increase and maximize your earnings.
  4. Choose Both Image And Text Ads:Try using image and text format helps in increasing cpc.Text ads have higher CTR and image ads have less cpc and ctr but it is preferred by celebrity bloggers.So using Image and text ads format will increase your cpc and maximize your earnings.
  5. Write Quality Contents Daily:Try to write quality contents that will attract visitors to your site.Google loves quality contents and it will attracts many clicks and also increase the cpc.
  6. Geographical Targeting:Geographical targeting is one of the factors that also affects cpc.Lets say you are targeting USA,you might be making $1 to $3 from one click,but if you are targeting asian countries like India you might be getting 10 cents to 20 cents.So geographical targeting is helps in increasing cpc to maximize earning.
  7. Monitor Performance With Custom Channels:The essence of monitoring performance with custom channels is to find out which ad slot is performing.Start creating custom channels for each ad slot in you r blog.And remove those ad slots that are not performing well. It will make your cpc and also maximize your earnings

I hope this helps in increasing cpc and maximizing your earning in Google Adsense.

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  1. I will try and remove some of my ads to increase cpc.my cpc is always 0.02.

  2. This is the best article on increasing cpc that I hve ever read. Let me give a try by filtering low paying ads.

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