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Airtel Releases Unlimited BlackBerry Bundle Plan @ N1500 Only

Airtel has introduces unlimited blackberry bundle for N1,500 only.So it means when you subscribe for airtel blackberry bundle plan with #1,500 you will get unlimited Gigabyte (GB) that will last till the validity period expires. šŸ˜€

How To Subscribe To Airtel UnlimitedĀ  Blackberry Bundle Plan
To subscribe to airtlel unlimited blackberry bundle plan,you must have N,1500 on your blackberry phone then dial *440*16# and press send then you will be in blackberry unlimited plan.
You can now start downloading videos on youtube,etc.If you are currently have anĀ  active plan and want to join this unlimited blackberry bundle plan,you just deactivate your current blackberry bundle plan to join.
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  1. pls can l make u of Bis airtel 4 subscription on my Android phone

  2. pls does this plan work for pc’s????

  3. please I dnt think it is still working.

  4. will like to know if it is.

  5. Hi bro.
    Does it also work for nokia windows phones (like lumia 620)

  6. Pls does it work for iphone5?

  7. Please is it still working


    pls is dis post still working till date and is it working for tecno andriond phones

  9. just 1 gigabyte. not enough for my breakfaaasssstt

  10. hmmmm. enjoyment

  11. Pls I used my frds line to subscribe and they just sent me a text dat it will expire y becus is 1500 unlimited I did and it has been happening

  12. pls is it unlimited or limited ?

  13. pls is it still wikin and how many gig, 4 how many days …is it wokin on techno android? any reply?

  14. It’s a lie
    They will just give you 2GB for #1500

  15. It’s just 2 GB though

  16. It is very perfect if it will last for a month and 14days

  17. Pls, is it still working?

  18. Pls bro is this post still working till date? Can it work on ipad?

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