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How To Edit Your Photos In Facebook

You can edit photos inside your facebook account by an online photo editor called picmonkey.Picmonkey has a facebook app.It has many features for editing photos.  Steps On How TO Edit Photos In Facebook Visit https://apps.facebook.com/picmonkey Choose the photo you want to edit. You can select from – Basic Edits (Crop, ...

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How To Block Facebook Tags

I hate my friends tagging me in pictures on facebook and it  is very annoying.I have been looking for a way to block facebook tags.You cannot block your friends from tagging you but make them not to see the pictures on your wall when they  tag you.I want to share ...

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Download Facebook Messenger For Windows

Facebook messenger is basically a windows application which can be used to chat with your facebook friends without opening any web browsers . The Facebook Messenger is available in both versions 32 bit and 64 bit for windows operating system. So as you can see above, the friend requests, messages ...

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How To Customize Your Facebook Username

Do you know that you  can customize your Facebook URL by selecting a  cool username for your facebook profile. We all know that  default Facebook URLs comes with a series of random numbers. You can have an easy username to remember. So Finally Facebook usernames will make it a lot ...

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