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download proxylite2x

Download Proxylite2x:A Tunnelling Software That Access Blocked Sites

Proxylite2x(SandwichVPN) is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Tunneling Software that access Blocked Websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc…proxylite2x vpn also surf the Internet Anonymously and Securely,Fully Encrypted Surfing.Even if you are having changing IP issues,you can use sandwich vpn to  hide your IP and real identity. multiple IP Switch.
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  • Browsing the web is a lot fun, but you don’t know the risk when you transmit any valuable data over the unsecured web. Its so easy to intercept since your data that travels over the air in plain text. This is What sandwich VPN is built for. Our servers take care of the encryption of your data, and transmit it encrypted so its secured and is unreadable since only our software and servers understands each others encryption.
  • We unblock default blocked website by your isp or administrator. Proxylite2x(SandwichVPN) looks for open ports on your ISP firewall and connect to one of our servers and connect you to the open web world.


  • WI-FI spots can also be a free hot spot with the use of Proxylite2x(SandwichVPN) software. In hotels , airports, and other establishments that wi-fi has been dns blocked or poisoned ( without password ) . Our software encrypting principle can also be helpful since it creates a hole on that particular hotspot as long as that hot spot is qualified on our connection requirements.
  • It can also be used in surfing the internet,especially Nigerians uses sandwich vpn to surf the internet free.

Download Proxylite2x(Sandwich Vpn) Here


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