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How To Activate Windows Easily With These Softwares.

I had the problem of activating windows any time i format my laptop.I have tried many softwares to help me activate the windows which didn’t work out.It has been giving me sleepless night because there are some features that are not available in non-activated window.I discovered two softwares that can activate my windows easily and i tried it and it worked for me.

I decided today to share with you on how you can activate your windows easily.

Here are  quick steps to follow to activate :

  1. First download Remove WAT OR Chew-WGA

activate windows-removewat2.Then Unzip the folder(either removewat or chew-wag) and Install the software any of the software.Then click on “REMOVE WAT”

3.Now your Window 7 will be activated immediately!….

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