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How To Add Related Posts To Blogger With Linkwithin

Today,I am going to share with you on how to add related post widget with linkwithin gadget.Related post widget helps to increase pageviews and also keep readers/visitors long in your blog.

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How To Add Related Post Widget In Your Blog

  • Go To  Linkwithin
  •  At the bottom right of the site,you will see where you will fill.Just enter your email address, your Blog url,Select your Platform, choose the  no of post you want diplay in your linkwithin widget and check the box if your blog background is dark with light text.

how to add related post widget to blogger-linkwithin

Then click top of the page Install gadget.
Then one import page comes.

Select your blog, give title of your gadget and then click Add widget below

Then drag and drop the LinkWithin gadget in below Blog posts gadget.
Then Click Save Button.Related post widget will then appear at  the bottom of your post.

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