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How To Convert PDF To Word

In this tutorial I am going to share with you methods that you can use to convert an Adobe PDF file to a Microsoft WORD file easily.You might have several reasons you want to convert pdf to word like editing,etc. Even though there are several ways this can be done, even the most novice computer user should be able to follow this tutorial with ease.

Steps On How To Convert Pdf  To Microsoft Word

  1. Converting PDF to WORD using Adobe:Using Adobe First you will need to open the PDF file in Acrobat 7 Standard or Professional. Then click File (in the top left corner) and then select Save As from the drop-down menu that appears. Next, in the Save As dialog box, select Microsoft Word Document in the Type drop-down menu (on a Mac computer it will say Format instead of Type). Finally, click the Save button. Congratulations! You can now open the document in Microsoft WORD as a save file If you would like to check or change the settings that Acrobat uses to convert PDF content to Word format, simply select Preferences from the main Adobe menu (in windows select Edit and then Preferences to access the preferences, and on a Mac select Acrobat, and then Preferences. Convert from PDF from the list of Categories on the left side of the dialog box. Then choose Microsoft Word Document from the Converting From PDF scrollable list. The window at right shows you how Acrobat will handle the conversion, including whether it will include comments, preserve columns and down sample images. To change these settings, click the Edit Settings button. (Alternatively, you can change these settings when you convert any given document by clicking the Settings button in the Save As dialog box.) The conversion may not be perfect, depending on several factors (such as the complexity of the layout), and whether you have the document’s fonts on your system. For simple business documents, Acrobat’s Save As command does a decent job of converting to Word.
  1.  Converting Adobe PDF to Microsoft WORD using a Third Party Software:As I mentioned in the above method, the conversion of the PDF to WORD may not always be perfect, depending on the complexity of the file itself. If you want to guarantee the smoothest transition, while ensuring the highest quality, it may be best for you to use third party software to convert your PDF files to WORD. There are many programs available that are capable of doing this, so you should not have a problem finding one in the vast confines of the internet. Just remember that each program is different, and that you need to follow the user instructions that come with the software to ensure the highest quality conversions possible.
  2.  Converting Your PDF File to WORD ONLINE: You may not even need third party software anymore, if the PDF files you are trying to convert are small enough! Now you can just go to pdftoword.com and you can convert your files over the Internet with the click of the button! Regardless of which method you decide to use, just be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly, and I am sure you will have the best results possible. This post will help you to convert a file from PDF to word format. In order to convert files from word to PDF visit How to convert word to PDF.

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