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How To Customize Your Facebook Username

Do you know that you  can customize your Facebook URL by selecting a  cool username for your facebook profile. We all know that  default Facebook URLs comes with a series of random numbers. You can have an easy username to remember. So Finally Facebook usernames will make it a lot easier for someone to find you on Facebook.
Click and Have a look at my new facebook username


To claim your username / facebook profile URL, all you need to do is just follow the simple steps.

1. Sign into your Facebook account.
2. Go to ‘Account’ at the top bar left,then click on ‘account setting’
3.Scroll down to username,then click ‘change’
4. Now you can see that Facebook will present you with some suggested usernames, or you can make up your own.
5. Create / Select username for you.
6. Click ‘Confirm’
Now you have your own Facebook username.Share it with your friends. Now your profile can be reached by anyone just by typing facebook.com/your_username, a short enough URL.
I hope this post is useful..


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