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How To Deactivate Airtel BIS Plan

airtel blackberryAm going to show you how to deactivate airtel bis plan.Whenever you finish the data bundle allocated to you for Airtel BIS before the expiry date,you cant subscribe again until the it reaches the expiry date.And you already know that it is so annoying,you cant wait till the expiry date for you to subscribe for another BIS.If you subscribe without cancelling or deactivating airtel Bis,you will see a message telling you that “you are already on Airtel bis and that you have an active plan”. So to deactivate Airtel Bis Plan,just follow these steps below.

1. Go to message,compose sms message.
2. Just Send Deactivate to 440
3. After composing the message, send it to “440” and you will receive a confirmation message telling you that you have successfully Deactivated.

Immediately,it is deactivated,you can now subscribe again for airtel Bis.
Hope it helps…

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  1. I deactivated nt knwing I hv up to 1.2gig left….wht shld I do?

  2. you subscribe again or you can call their customer care

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