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How To Increase Your Site’s Alexa Ranking

I decided to share with you today on how you can increase your site’s alexa ranking.Alexa ranking can be a measure of the success of your website, increase Alexa ranking as well the same as getting close to the peak of success.If you follow the methods that i mentioned below,it will help you to increase your site alexa ranking.


  1. Sign Up for Alexa Account and put your blog at their data base.
  2. Download Alexa Tool bar and also add Alexa rank widget to your site to increase your alexa ranking.
  3. Adding contents per day will help to boost your alexa ranking.
  4. Get High Page rank backlinks helps to boost your alexa rank.
  5. Alexa Review. Ask your friend to review your blog on Alexa, some blogger said this is nothing to do with Alexa Rank, but in my experiences review is the powerful tool to boost my Alexa Rank, better than publish an article a day.

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  1. Thanks,for sharing this experience with us. I hope 2 increase my alexa ranking with these tips

  2. Thanks a lot.I need some details about Alexa ranking.Give us more tips and tricks that can boost our Alexa rank within weeks or months

  3. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better Page Rank as soon as possible. One of the most important things is, I must be consistent and persistent. Do it the best…! Have a nice days… ^_^

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