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How To Unlock Your Modem

If you are using 3G modem to browse,i have some good news for you.Do you know you can use sim cards of other network with the same modem by unlocking the modem.No need of buying another modem again …smile….So if anynetwork is messing up, you can switch to another network easily.You can also unlock your modem offline.

Steps To Unlock Your Modem

There are softwares you can use to unlock your modem easily.To unlock your modem,the software requires the IMEI of the modem.Enter the IMEI of the modem and within few seconds the unlocking code would be generated,just write it down.Then insert sim card of another network,enter the unlock code.You can insert any simcard,craete a new profile for the simcard, input the configuration settings and connect to internet easily.

unlock modem
Download Universal Master Code here

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  1. Nice post,but my zte modem has refused to unlock..pls help me and ulock it.

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