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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest is no doubt the social media site of the moment, and if you are like us chances are you have already spent a good amount of hours browsing through its nice and sleek pages. As a blogger, though, Pinterest is also a great opportunity to bring a new wave of traffic your way, so here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

1. Prepare for it

First of all, you should of course integrate Pinterest’s “Pin It” button to your blog. However, it is important you prepare for Pinterest also from an editorial point of view: as Pinterest is largely image-driven, you should make sure every post you write also contains a nice picture. It does not necessarily need to be 100% descriptive of the post content; it can be also be a drawing, a nice picture of the author or a somewhat related cartoon. What is important is that it should be nice: this will make your post easier to Pin and it will also make it get more attention from Pinterest’s users.

2. Reply and interact with commenters

Once you contents starts getting “pinned” you should of course reply to users’ comments, not only on your blog but also within Pinterest: just treat them as if they were on your own blog. However, apart from answering questions and replying to comments, you should also check out your commenters’ Pinboards and comment on their pins. The more engaged the users will be with you, the more they will be with your blog… and the more they will pin it.

3. Interact

Commenting on other users’ Pins is just the beginning of interaction. If you want to be seen and noticed, it is important you also actively follow and check out other users’ board and pins. Interacting is for sure time consuming, but if you find, follow and befriend the right users whose interests are in line with the content of your blog you can easily turn them in “evangelists” for it: helping you spreading your opinions and – of course – your posts too.

4. Be your own fan

Nobody is pinning your posts? Don’t worry! As a member of the community you are of course allowed to pin your own posts, just don’t exaggerate. Keep mixing your own content with other great on-topic sources. Not everybody will be aware you are the author of some of the posts you ping, and this co-citation will make people associate your posts and blog with other authoritative and high-quality resources you will pin.

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  1. Monika Carmony

    My past experience with pinterest:

    I have used pinterest to improve my site’s ranking and it jumped from page 5 to #2 spot in 3 weeks time.

    I found that the seller named “pinterest”, which ranked first when you search “pinterest” at Fiverr, has produced the best results on my websites. The seller pins my site with 75 different people, not sure how he did this, but it has improved my SERP’s ranking. I’ve tried 5 other sellers who offer similar gigs on Fiverr but they can’t improve my site’s ranking. I don’t know why. Maybe he has magical trick. lol.

    Notable benefits of pinterest for seo:
    1. Google loves social media signal.
    2. Links and images from pinterest are dofollow!
    3. Each pin is considered as 3 inbound links.

  2. I am a newbie to Pinterest marketing, infact I just started today. That is when I came across your post. It came to my senses that I could drive whole lot of traffic from Pinterest only after watching many others taking full advantage of it.
    I have placed Pin-it buttons on my blog, but the issue is that, though I get lot of likes and tweets, I am totally disappointed seeing the ‘0’ pin count. Is it that many don’t use Pinterest presently, or blog content doesn’t fit a good place in thier Pin Boards?

  3. Personally pinterest hasn’t worked for me in driving traffic, its even boring as all i can do is pin images.

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