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Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

List of 25 Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

I’m going to talk about guest blogging which can fulfill all of your motives for a website like  traffic generation and backlink building.

Guest blogging is a backlink building and traffic generation method in
which we write high quality article for other bloggers to publish it on their blog for free. This is really very beneficial in your backlink building and it helps you a lot in ranking your RH site’s onpage one of the search engines. There are lots of other benefits from guest blogging other than getting high quality backlinks.


1. It will get you very high page rank backlinks to your web site which will help you a lot in getting ranked in search engines
2. It also get you thousands of other backlinks from blogs as they
syndicate your articles. Hence you will increase your link popularity.
3. Traffic, you will get a lot of extra traffic as we are doing this with established authority websites which already have a big user base.
4. Your relationship with other bloggers will eventually get improved as you will have conversations with other bloggers. Contacts with other bloggers will help you a lot in your future promotions of your products.
5. The traffic you are getting will be highly targeted as your posts are published in the the niche.

List of 25 Blogs that  Accept Guest Blogging

  1. ShoutMeLoud.com-For Guest blogging-Join Shoutmeloud
  2. Smartbloggerz.com/Write-for-us
  3. Scopeformoney/Submit post
  4. BetterBloggingforBloggersOpen for guest bloggers
  5. MashableGuest writer
  6. FreelanceFolderWrite for us
  7. EarnersBlogSubmit post
  8. BloggingTipsWrite for us
  9. BlogSoluteGuest post
  10. BlogussionWrite for us
  11. TechppGuest blogging
  12. MillionCluesGuest blogging
  13. Techie-BuzzWrite for us
  14. TechieBloggerWrite for Techie Blogger
  15. TechnoGatiBecome guest writer
  16. TricksDaddySubmit guest post
  17. MoneyMakerInfoLooking for guest bloggers
  18. Caroline Middlebrook BlogInvitation to guest posters
  19. BashBoshGuest post
  20. CanIMakeBigMoneyOnlineGuest blogger
  21. JohnChowGuest post
  22. E-MoneyMarketingGuest blopggers wanted
  23. MyBlog2DayGuest blogger
  24. TechCatsGuest blogging
  25. QuickOnlineTipsGuest blogging
  26. eBlogTipGuest blogger

Search for any of these queries below to get more blogs for guest    posting.replace “keyword”


write for us” keyword
“Guest Bloggers Wanted” keyword
“become a guest blogger” keyword
“become a guest author” keyword

I hope you enjoyed this post,pls drop your comment below

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  1. Since I am new blogger I Believe that this will be a lot helpful to drive traffic to my website.I am also new to guest blogging can you suggest some tips before I submit my posts to these blogs.

    Reply will be highly appreciated!!

  2. Hi, this is a good list and I have bookmarked it.

    Hope it is not a crime for me to add this to it: http://dailyincometips.com/write-for-us/
    Hope to visit more often.


  3. If there are any mortgage professionals out there looking for a guest blogging spot in your vertical then come blog away http://homemortgage.org/guest-bloggers/

  4. I’d like to add my wesite too: http://www.lukor.net/guest-posts/

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I hope you add Netmediablog to the list, Its a PR2 Tech blog with a high Alexa ranking.

  6. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing the list !!

    You can also include http://thetechcult.com/ or http://thetechcult.com/write-articles/.

  7. Hi,

    Nice List, We also accept guest posts for http://povonte.com/

    If you want to publish your article please send at info@povonte.com

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