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mtn subscription codes and data plans

MTN Subscription Codes and Data Plans

I personally have been using Mtn Nigeria for the past 2 years.To be honest, Mtn has been the costliest but very reliable in Nigeria.I have shared Glo subscription codes.Now i am going to share the mtn  subscription codes and data plans you can use to subscribe for Internet services.

MTN Subscription Codes and Data Plans
7.5GB – N8,000 – 30 days(24×7) – Send 101 to 131 to Subscribe
4.5GB – N2,500 – 30 days(Night Hours; 9pm-6am) – Send 102 to 131 to Subscribe
10MB – N100 – 24 hrs – Send 104 to 131 to Subscribe
25MB – N150 – 24hrs – Send 112 to 131 to subscribe
50MB – N200 – 24 hours      sEND 113 TO 131 subscribe.
260MB – N1,000 – 30 days(24×7) – Send 106 to 131 to Subscribe
350MB – N1,300 – 30 days send 109 to 131 to subscribe
750MB – N2,000 – 30 days – send 110 to 131 to subscribe
1GB  –  N3,5000 – 30DAYS – Send  to 111 to 131
25MB – N400 – Weekly plan (All day & All Night) – Send 105 to 131 to Subscribe
150MB – N500 – 12 hrs; 9am to 9pm – Send 103 to 131 to Subscribe
3GB – N6,000 – 30 days(Day Time; 9am to 9pm) – Send 107 to 131 to Subscribe
4.5GB – N3,000 – 30 days(Weekends only; Fri 9pm to Mon 6am) – Send 108 to 131 to Subscribe

Send 2 to 131 to Check your data usage at anytime.
*To check balance: TEXT 2 TO 131 (FOR MOBILE USERS)
*To Reset: Text RESET TO 131
Username: web
Password: web
Phone Number (if required): *99#
Proxy Address: and Port: 8080

I hope you enjoyed this post,pls feel free to drop your comment below.

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  1. ok,its relatively cheap but congestion or network problem is wat am scared of

  2. @Igwe Tochukwu, tnx 4 d post. QST: Is d 5GB(N8K) sub plan 24/7, unlimited browsing? If d N500(150MB) own has bcome 12hrs, then, they’re SICK. MTN really, really sucks in terms of speed… I’m never really happy using them, or all other stupid networks as well in 9ja… We pay too much 4 so lit2. Instead of these networks to serve us well, they’re inflating prices & decreasing qualities. Go use Etisalat easyblaze modem, and u’ll hate ur life. It’s so fast – which is good; that’s only when it wants 2 work.. For instance, load a 2GB(N5K or so) plan, and just type in google.com on ur browser, and hit enter on ur keyboard, & you’ll see over 10MB of ur internet bandwidth has been used. Go play & come back & see what happens. FEAR NO GO ALLOW YOU LEAVE CONNECTED – WITHOUT SEY YOU NO DEY THERE…
    So, what’s d need of paying for all these things, when we can’t even enjoy ourselves with our OWN money? When people in d U.S are paying $10-$30 for unlimited browsing. Well, i think that time has come, when we need 2 hack in2 their systems, and starts getting FREE 100s of GB data plans for our businesses… Or, does anyone have a better idea? Just my 2 kobo opinion…

    • My bro,what you just said here is nothing but the truth,am even tired of using mtn services,they are the worst right now.Ok,lets say that we pay #10,000 per month but they should not limit any longer.We hope that everything will turn around…

  3. Yeah, bro…
    They should come to an agreement, were they can say, we should be paying N10,000 for an unlimited monthly browsing; though, that price is too much. But, they need to have amount right and also increase the speed.


  5. adesoye adebayo

    Just want to know how to enjoy the 3GB N2500N 30days subscription for internet modems.

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