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Ways To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog
Ways To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog

Simple Ways To Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Today I would share with you cool a nice list of simple ways to increase or drive traffic to your website, blog.Building an attractive site/blog without traffic is meaningless. So,it is very important to drive traffic to your blog to make money by increasing sales or clicks.


1. Write articles regularly and submitted the articles to various article directories.

2. Create eye-catching headlines & titles for your posts/articles for higher pageviews.Example:

  •  How to make money online
  • 7 ways to make money online
  • 5 tips on how to make money online.

3.Frequently write posts and post to forums in your particular niche and drop signature links pointing to your site.

7 Ways To Drive Traffic From From To Your Blog

4. Network with other bloggers! Contact owners of other related sites and blogs. Talk to them over the phone, through Instant Messaging,commenting or even via e-mail. You can even explore the opportunity to attend different business events and keep the networking going. If they know who you are, it increases your chances of having a business relationship with them down the road.

5. Try to offer your visitors a free product or service for subscribing to your list, or just for stopping by. It can be gifts like e-books and software.

6. Vist other blogs in your niche and leave comments, this will result in good backlinks and good traffic for your site.

7. Visit the Yahoo! Answers site and answer questions, providing a link to your website at the bottom.

8. If you offer a product or a service, send it to blog owners in your niche and ask them to review it on their site.It can help to bring taffic to your site.

9. Always submit your website to search engines, ping sites, standard directories and RSS directories.

10. Have an opt-in form in a top position on your site and an auto-responder to handle the mailing list. This will ensure that people will return to the site for future offers and promotions. If you take a look at the top right of my blog, you’ll see the opt-in form… give it a try!

11. You can use products with Master Resell Rights (MRR) and offer them free to your subscribers.

12. Regularly submit your posts and articles to social bookmarking sites. I recommend Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Delicious.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic to your Blog

13. Use social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Create a complete profile and include a link to your site in the profile.

Facebook :Create a Facebook page for your blog and encourage your readers to Like it. This  will definitely expose your blog presence
Twitter:Twitter is a powerful tool for promoting your blog. Whenever you post, you should tweet the post.

14. Keep the world’s view of your blog up-to-date by using services like Ping-O-Matic to announce that your blog has been updated. If you’re using WordPress, you can have this done automatically.

15. Visit websites that allow you to post classified ads and distribute your link in the listings. Dont spam these sites to avoid being banned.

16. Guest posting drives traffic to your blog and you also  backlinks.Invite Guest Bloggers to Write for You and also Write guestpost  for other related niche bloggers.

List Of Guest Blogging Sites

17. Consider engaging in a Joint Venture project. One such example would be to find a website owner in your niche who has a large mailing list. You could then work out a deal with that individual for being mentioned in an upcoming newsletter or for access to the list.

I hope these list will help you drive or increase traffic to tour site/blog.

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