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Timing is Everything in Selling Your Blackberry

Of course, this is the right time for you to unload your old phone. Why not? Now that other manufacturers have made their best phones public, like the iPhone 4Se, not to mention RIM, the company responsible for BlackBerry, announcing it would be releasing its new operating system, the BlackBerry 10 on its phones anytime soon, you can easily upgrade to something that is way better than what you have right now.

As of now, there have been over four million units of the iPhone 4S sold all over the world. There is also the great number of Android users signing up for an upgrade. Not to mention that despite a lot of government agencies abandoning their Blackberry loyalties, the Department of Defense last month committed exclusivity to the BlackBerry. You can be one of them if you just choose to do one thing, and that is to sell your old BlackBerry and  get some cash out of the transaction. Of course, you can use the cash to get an upgrade, or buy more important things (summer’s coming up, you should be planning on a vacation already).

Putting more money in your pocket should be the first thing to enter your mind. In upgrading for new gadgets, there’s the consideration of spending more. So if you really want to obtain something better than what you are using right now, look around yourself and start thinking of the possibilities of earning money so you won’t have to splurge.
You do not have to count yourself along the millions of the excitable bunch of people who end up emptying their bank accounts just to get a gadget upgrade.  So, before you think of buying something new, you should clear your mind of the impulsiveness and make way for a practical new you. Go online and search for refurbishment companies willing to buy your old Blackberry for a good amount of money.

A word on impulsiveness, though. Even though it is not really recommended that you run around like a headless chicken looking for a new gadget to buy even without enough money, it is highly recommended that you dispose of your BlackBerry as soon as possible.  Not to the point of being impulsive, as you still need to be careful what company you should be dealing with. It’s just that time is of the essence when it comes to selling old gadget.  Remember that every time a new smartphone model is introduced, the value of the old ones gets slashed.

Thus, if you have a two year old BlackBerry Curve, its value is not the same as it was last year, even though it is still in ‘mint’ condition as we speak. So, make sure that you don’t dilly dally when looking for timing as to when you will sell your BlackBerry for cash.

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